FNB Everywhere - Safe and Secure Digital Banking


Enhanced Security

Your financial information is now more safe and secure. Features like Face ID (on supported phones) and two-factor authentication offer enhanced access protection for your accounts.


Enhanced Security

You can lock your debit card to prevent unauthorized use, reset your password, set up balance and transaction alerts, and much more…all from inside the app!


Enhanced Security

Arrange the features in a way that makes the most sense to you. Set up a profile for each family member and switch between them to allow each user access to their own customized layout.


1) Touch ID or PIN security

Easily and securely log in using fingerprint or a personal identification number.

2) View checking, savings, and loan accounts

Search for transactions, add a note or an image, and filter by tags. Understand your activity and find what you’re looking for.

3) Transfer funds between accounts

Effortlessly initiate one-time, future date or repeating transfers.
(Video tutorial available.)

4) Bill pay*

Pay bills quickly and securely.

5) Person-to-person payments*

Send money to friends and family quickly and securely.

6) Find our ATMs and bank locations**

Find the nearest ATM or locate an FNB Vinita branch using your current location.

7) Make deposits using your mobile device***

Deposit checks into qualified accounts using the mobile deposit feature.

8) Personalize your app

Arrange the app’s features in a way that makes the most sense to you. Customize the app on a per-device basis and move things around however you like.

Please refer to your carrier for any data fees that may apply.
This application does not support Internet Explorer.
*Online customers must first set up transfer and bill pay accounts prior to using these features.
**Limited to our bank locations and ATMs.
***Restrictions may apply.



Use your current login information to start using the FNB Mobile App today.

Two-Factor Authentication

Help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring an additional code when signing in.
(Video tutorial available.)

Biometric or 4-Digit Access (Mobile)

Use fingerprint authentication, FaceID, or a 4-digit passcode to securely access the app.

Easy Self-Enrollment

Now you can quickly and securely sign up for online banking directly from your computer.

Customizable Alerts

Set up balance and transaction alerts to get notifications when your balance is running low, awareness of your account status, and much more.

Secure Your Card

Now you can lock your debit card or report a lost or stolen card instantly from your computer or mobile app.

Secure Messaging

Communicate directly with your FNB representative using the messaging tool.